A US hunter who enraged the internet by posing with a dead giraffe, then declared she would visit New Zealand this month, has cancelled her trip Downunder.

Idaho accountant Sabrina Corgatelli has posted pictures of herself on Facebook, including one of her standing over the body of a dead giraffe, a zebra and a kudu on a hunting trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

US huntress Sabrina Corgatelli coming to NZ
Kiwi happy to host Sabrina Corgatelli

In September last year she announced she would travel to New Zealand with fellow hunter Mark Martineau this month to hunt deer during the roar in the South Island for five days.


The roar is when stags become preoccupied with finding a mate so less cautious and easier to hunt.

"I can't wait to go stag hunting!" she wrote on Facebook.

The pair planned the hunt through Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing at Lake Hawea near Wanaka, and planned to hunt red stags using a bow and arrow.

Posts about her plans to visit New Zealand angered many Facebook users, with one suggesting the Government should ban her from entering the country.

Another woman wrote: "Stay the hell away from my beautiful country you sick woman. We have enough hunters here as it is, at least the majority of them use it to source their own food, not just a game like you do. Haven't you done enough damage in South Africa without spoiling another beautiful country?"

Glen Dene owner Richard Burdon confirmed Ms Corgatelli did not visit New Zealand, but wouldn't comment on why.

Mark Martineau has shared photos of himself hunting on Facebook. Photo / Facebook
Mark Martineau has shared photos of himself hunting on Facebook. Photo / Facebook

Ms Corgatelli did not respond to queries from the Herald, but Mr Martineau, who was at Glen Dene last month and is still in New Zealand, said "she had a few things come up and couldn't make it".

The pair would be hunting together in Canada in June, he said.

Mr Martineau shared many photos of himself hunting at Glen Dene on Facebook,

"NEW FREAKINZEALAND!! Some absolute GIANTS have hit the dirt, can't wait to post them up. Stay tuned ... Round 2 coming soon!! Richard Burdons place is second to none, amazing operation!" [sic] he wrote on Facebook.

Cory got it it done this morning on a MASSIVE stag... NEWFREAKINZEALAND!!! One and done right in the pump station. Great...

Posted by Mark Martineau on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mr Martineau has also shared photos of himself with dead giraffes, a warthog, and zebra.