A man is in hospital after running out of an Auckland home this afternoon screaming "Call the police! They're in the house! They've shot me!"

Police say the man was shot in the leg with a handgun at a house in Rosamund Ave, New Windsor, just after 2.30pm. They are still looking for those responsible but say they are following "several positive lines of inquiry" and there is no immediate danger to public safety.

A neighbour told the Herald she'd just returned home from doing shopping when she heard a "loud bang".

"I didn't realise it was a gunshot until my neighbour ran out of the property. He was shouting 'Call the police! They're in the house! They've shot me!'"


The woman then saw another man "stroll out" of the property.

"Then the woman from the top unit ran down. She was on the phone to police at the same time my husband was."

Another Rosamund Ave resident said she heard the gunshot and ran outside.

"There was a whole lot of yelling and screaming. A young man ran out and got into a parked car with a woman in the driver's seat.

"Then two other men ran out of the property and pointed the gun at him.

"The car sped off and the two men ran down the street after it."

The wounded man has been taken to hospital. Police say the scene remains cordoned off and will be kept under guard overnight.