Police are shocked with the actions of a motorcyclist who sped through a stretch of road that only hours before had claimed the life of a man in a horror truck crash.

Central District Police say officers were still on No.1 Line outside Palmerston North dealing with the aftermath of a fatal road accident where an elderly man died in a collision with a truck yesterday when a motorbike was clocked doing 132 kph.

Police said the rider was pulled over and breath-tested.

The officer was disappointed to discover the motorcyclist had excess breath alcohol.


The motorcyclist was issued with a speeding ticket and was due to appear in court on a charge of driving with excess breath alcohol.

Police urged drivers to think about their actions and possible consequences of poor decisions.

"We want all people to get to their destination safely; all too often we bring news to families that tears them apart," read the post.

Road safety was everyone's responsibility and excessive speed, drink driving and failing to drive to the conditions all contributed to fatal crashes.