A Wellington mother and her two-week-old baby were uninjured when the car she was driving fell several metres down a bank.

The woman had driven off the road and fell 10 to 15 metres down a bank on Waikowhai St in Ngaio, Wellington at 9.30am yesterday, police said.

She only came to a stop after the car hit several trees on the way down.

Police said the driver didn't suffer any injuries as she was wearing her seatbelt and her two-and-a-half week old son, secured in a baby capsule, was also unharmed.


A witness following in another car called 111 and emergency services attended immediately. Police had to get a specialised tow-truck brought out to the scene with a long enough winch rope to drag the car back up to the road.

A driver following in another car called emergency services.

A specialised tow-truck was at the scene with a long winch rope to drag the car back up to the road, police said.

Wellington Police constable Wendy Bryant said the mother was driving back to Johnsonville Plunket at the time to get the baby capsule re-checked.

"Obviously it was properly installed as it possibly saved baby's life."

Police said the seat belt and the properly-fitted baby capsule saved the pair from serious injury.

"Mum was understandably shaken but although both her and her son have suffered no injuries they were taken to hospital to be checked out anyway," Ms Bryant said.