The Hawke's Bay angler who failed a lie detector test over his monster marlin catch will finally get his prize.

David Baty from OddsOn Promotions has just contacted Newstalk ZB to say he is now going to pay out the $48,000 prize.

Fishing prize dispute: Lie detector test 'not perfect'
The $48,000 fishing competition row: Contest winner takes lie-detector test

Dean Young caught the 136.6 kg fish during a competition over Waitangi Weekend, but had to take a polygraph test to prove it was legitimate, and failed.


Mr Baty now says he got the lie detector test peer reviewed, and he can no longer rely on the results.

OddsOn was contracted by the Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club to promote its Mega Fish competition over Waitangi weekend, where Mr Young's catch took out first place.

Mr Young stood by his account. He had planned to sell the ute and split the winnings with the three other men on the boat, all of whom told NZME they were there and saw the lengthy battle with the marlin.

Mr Young's brother Lance and father Tony were adamant about the catch.

"I back my crew 200 per cent, not 100 per cent," Lance Young said, adding he was disgusted the prize hadn't been handed over. "We caught that fish fair and square."

The four men, all experienced fishermen, had signed affidavits saying so.