The man who sparked an armed offenders call out in Martinborough has handed himself in to police.

Senior Sergeant Mike Sutton confirmed a 23-year-old man had turned himself in to the Masterton police station shortly after lunch today.

The man was co-operating with police and it had yet to be decided if any charges would be laid, Mr Sutton said.

The armed offenders squad was called out to Martinborough on Monday night, after the man, who is known to police, was alleged to have made firearm threats at a residential property at about 5pm.


The Life Flight Westpac Rescue helicopter was sent from Wellington to aid in the search.

The armed offenders squad were stood down after 8pm.

The man has family links to both Martinborough and Masterton, Mr Sutton said.

Steps had been taken to protect the people who had allegedly been threatened in what appeared to be a domestic incident, Mr Sutton said.

Children were not involved and police were still determining what exactly had sparked the incident.

"The origins of it are still under investigation . . . there's still quite a bit of information we are checking," Mr Sutton said.

"We are still talking to all the parties involved."

Police had believed the man had posed a minimal risk to the public, Mr Sutton said.


On Monday night police said it was believed the man may have driven to Masterton from Martinborough.

Mr Sutton said he could not comment on whether the man had any firearms when he turned himself in, or if the man had a firearms licence.

The man's name could not be released by police at this time, Mr Sutton said.