A Labour MP who blasted an owner of a "flash beach house" for flying the alternative flag owns a holiday home herself.

Sue Moroney today apologised for any offence caused by her tweet, a short time after receiving a phone call from her leader Andrew Little, who described the social media post as inappropriate.

Ms Moroney took a photo of the black and blue silver fern flag flying outside a house, and posted it to twitter with the caption: "Just ' is [sic] you own a flash beach house doesn't mean you get to decide our flag. #democracy #FixChildPovertyInstead".

According to Parliament's register of pecuniary interests, Ms Moroney is the join owner of a holiday home in the Coromandel. She is also the joint owner of a family home, rental property and Wellington apartment, according to the register, up to date as of January 31 last year.


This morning Mr Little said he wasn't impressed with Ms Moroney's tweet.

"I thought it was ill-judged and inappropriate, and I've told her that," Mr Little said. "It was brought to my attention this morning. I just didn't think it was a good look, and I've told her that."

She has since apologised for the tweet, saying "Apology for any offence caused by my tweet yesterday - none intended. I regret it & can see how it could be misinterpreted. Of course everyone has the right to have a view on the flag."

Ms Moroney's tweet came after last Thursday night's preliminary results, in which 56.6 per cent voted to keep the current flag featuring Britain's Union Jack versus 43.2 per cent who favoured the alternative.

Labour was critical of the flag change process, saying it was flawed and had been politicised by Prime Minister John Key.