A police officer is taken for a ride while hanging out a car window when a motorist took off from a breath test, and an elderly woman living alone is being terrorised by rock throwing. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A motorist stopped for a breath test took off with a Whangarei policeman hanging out the window for 300 metres after the officer tried to take the keys from the vehicle.

An elderly woman is living in fear as night after night someone throws large rocks at her house. In total 31 rocks have been thrown at her home in Havelock North.

A newlywed Tauranga man has marked the annual day of Irish celebration with a permanent reminder - a celtic tattoo - to honour his wife's heritage.


New Zealand judges have been slammed as living on "planet dumb arse" by a prominent sexual violence advocate following a controversial decision not to convict a man who admitted to possessing child pornography.

A man has pleaded guilty in court to threatening his ex-partner with a claw hammer after she angered him.

A judge has told a man on community detention to tape his cellphone to the side of his head after he missed a 1:30am call from a probation officer.