A prolific peeping Tom has again been caught crawling into the roof of a fast-food restaurant to watch women on the toilet.

Mid-morning on January 10, Richard Alan Ford entered the Burger King at Porirua, north of Wellington.

The 34-year-old made a bee-line to the toilets, where he went into the women's area.

There are two cubicles there and Ford went into one of them and pushed a rubbish bin against the door from the inside.


"This gave the illusion to any person who was to enter the female toilets that the cubicle was occupied," says a police summary of the offending, released to NZME.

Ford then went into the disabled toilets, where he locked himself inside, climbed on the toilet, lifted the ceiling tiles and hauled himself up, using a toilet paper dispenser as a foot hold.

"He lifted himself into the ceiling cavity and crawled along to where he was sitting directly above the [second] cubicle in the female toilets," the summary says.

"[Ford} peeled away the tiles sitting directly above the toilet so he could see into the cubicle."

As Ford peered down, "multiple" women entered the toilet "and used it accordingly", the summary notes.

As they sat there, Ford filmed them.

Eventually, Burger King staff were alerted to what was happening and banged on the toilet door.

While it's not clear how Ford came down from the ceiling, the summary says at some stage he cut himself and bled over the toilet cubicle and his ceiling hideout.

When police arrived, Ford told them he found it hard to control himself when he drinks.

In the Porirua District Court, Ford has admitted 11 charges of making intimate visual recordings and one charge of burglary.

He is in custody ahead of sentencing in June.

Ford has served previous jail time for similar offending at the same fast-food restaurant.

He has also served a home detention sentence for watching women on the toilets in the BNZ Centre food court in downtown Wellington.