Commuters are queuing 50 deep at bus stops and some are giving up altogether and walking an hour to get to work as Auckland's public transport fails to match heavy demand.

All over the city frustrated workers are being forced to wait at stops and watch as crammed buses sail past.

Many have started to take to social media annoyed there's little hope for a seat or even a spot to stand.

One regular bus user said at one Mt Eden stop a 50-person queue formed yesterday with some shouting at the drivers to let them on.


G tweeted at 8.41am: "2122 is the first 635 bus to stop at 1045 since 7:50 this morning."

Even half an hour after peak hour workers were still waiting for spare seats on buses heading into the central business district.

"Dozens of people waiting on New North bus stops as packed buses go past," posted Michael Field at 9.28am.

Danielle Anderson took a picture from inside her packed bus where commuters were sandwiched tightly together pleading with Auckland Transport to put more buses on her eastern route.

"Pls explain y there aren't more 550 buses in the morning? This is ridic, we're not even at Pak Plaza."

Another bus passenger who posted a similar photo from inside a bus with standing room only said the council needed to look at where it was spending its money.

Tweeted Aidan Yamani:"We need more buses, not more fancy buildings."

Auckland Transport today said, where possible, more buses were being brought on to help with the heightened demand at rush hour.

"We are bringing on extra buses if available to assist with the peak and appreciate everyone's patience as we work through this busy period," said the spokesman.

Demand for public transport in March was always high because of a number of factors which included students returning and adjusting to their timetables.

But in a few weeks time this would drop off with an anticipated 30 per cent decrease in bus patronage expected in April.

The spokesman said Auckland Transport had added 35,000 seats to its rail, bus and ferry services since last April and a further 18,000 seats would be added over coming months.

Where more public transport is being added in Auckland

• More buses and greater frequency on Mt Eden Rd, Dominion Rd and New North Rd in March.
• Additional ferry services added at the end of last month.
• 18 double decker buses to be in operation on the Northern Express by May.
• More North Shore bus services along Glenfield and Onewa Rds with 17 more urban and school trips each day.