The woman who taunted police on Facebook for their search to find and arrest her posted a photo of herself on social media sitting on a police car three days earlier.

Dayna Paparoa, 19, had a warrant for her arrest after breaching home detention conditions, Counties Manukau police wrote on their Facebook page last Thursday.

Woman taunts police in Facebook post

In an unexpected twist, Paparoa replied to the public alert, saying police were "not doing your jobs properly my bros hahahah."


Hundred of comments were left on the post, many of which Paparoa replied to.

Police commented telling her if she wanted to make things easier for them she should head over to nearby police station to sort our her breach, but Paparoa replied implying first she planned to smoke some cannabis.

Three days earlier, Paparoa posted a picture of herself, with her face covered, posing on the hood of a police car with the caption 'js a lazy lil selfie."

The teenager said she had been buying a drink in the area and "just thort [sic] I'd take a pic."

A few friends commented telling Paparoa to "stay safe", with one calling her a "naughty bish" for taking the photo.

The incident was not the first time a person wanted by police has taunted them on social media.

In 2014, Samuel Evan Lake responded to a similar police post and photograph of himself, writing: "I need to get a new mugshot."

Police wrote back: "Come see us and will arrange at no cost."

Lake was later arrested and eventually sentenced to six months in jail.