Donald Trump is depicted on a church billboard in Auckland, looking at Jesus nailed to a cross, while holding a hammer in his hand and declaring "I don't like losers."

Reverend Glynn Cardy, the minister of St Luke's Presbyterian Church on Remuera Rd, said the billboard took aim at the Republican presidential hopeful - known for calling people 'losers' - because his views "were in direct contradiction to the message of Jesus".

"For those of us at St Luke's, the cross is about politics. Jesus was killed - violently, publicly and shamefully - because he spoke truth to power and confronted the leaders of his day about their treatment of the outcasts.

"To the Trumps of his day, and to those who see winners as having money and power, the Jesus of the Bible was a loser who associated with those rejected by society. And he died broke.


"Jesus had an alternative vision of reality, however. He was a person who sided with minorities and those who were most vulnerable, and it was this that got him killed."

Rev Cardy said Trump's comments about Muslims, Mexicans and women are offensive to Christianity.

"I hope that voters in the US will see Trump's message for what it is, and not make him a nominee for their highest office."

Mr Cardy said the billboard will remain up throughout the Church's Lenten and Easter season and as long as the issue of Trump's candidacy remained undecided.