Cyclists performed a "chain of survival" around their cycling buddy after he fell from his bike on a busy Auckland road this morning.

The man, believed to be in his 50s, was cycling as part of a group when another cyclist travelling behind him saw him swerve and then fall from the bike about 7am on Tamaki Drive, near The Strand in central Auckland.

Cyclists took turns at performing CPR on the man until two members of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, based at mechanics Bay nearby, arrived.

Intensive Care Paramedic Marcel Driessen took over the treatment of the man, who was in a critical condition and showing no signs of life.


Firefighters and St John ambulance also attended.

"With everyone working together and after further compressions and the use of the defibrillator, the patient's vitals returned and he was transported by St John ambulance to Auckland City Hospital in a critical condition," said AHRT spokeswoman Kerrie Spicer.

"While the patient's current condition in hospital is unknown, this mission demonstrates what can be achieved due to a 'chain of survival' type situation - where the fast actions of bystanders and quick and efficient treatment by all the responding emergency services, can help a person in their 'golden hour' - a period where a patient's chances of survival through rapid intervention are considered greatest after a severe injury or trauma."

A man driving to work said he saw a "huge amount" of cyclists - a least 20 - all huddled together at the scene.

"They were kind of protecting a body that was lying on the ground, facing away from the road. They were definitely protecting the person.

"They were all cyclists, they were all probably emergency-conscious kind of people. I thought 'They will all have cellphones, I'm sure some of them know how to handle a medical emergency situation'. They all had proper road bikes and all the right kind of gear, camel packs which hold first aid kits."