Almost a week after Jindarat Prutsiriporn died after escaping bound and gagged from the boot of a moving car, no arrests have been made.

Police will not be drawn on the specifics of the investigation into the 50-year-old Thai national's death including whether the forensic examination at a Mangere address over the weekend was connected.

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Ms Prutsiriporn died last week after she managed to break free from the boot of a silver Sedan. She was taken to hospital with severe head injuries but police are yet to ascertain whether she had those injuries before she was tied up and put in the boot, or if she suffered them as she fell onto the road.


A house on Wayne Dr in Mangere has been crawling with police and forensic experts all weekend. Officers would not tell residents why they were there, but a search was obviously underway with the yard being dug up in various places and rubbish bins picked through.

Detective Inspector Dave Lynch said today no arrests had been made, and the investigation was ongoing.

He described the investigation, dubbed Operation Sisal, as a homicide.

He would not comment further.

"We are following a number of open lines of inquiry however there have been no arrests made," he said.

"Whilst we appreciate that there is on-going interest in the investigation, our priority is to ensure a thorough and robust investigation and for that reason we are unable to comment on any specific lines of inquiry."