This week the Herald will investigate burglaries across the country in the most in-depth series on the subject ever done in New Zealand. Over five days we will examine where burglaries happen, talk to victims, burglars and the police and find out how you can protect your home and business.

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Day 1: The Data

Never-before-published data shows which areas are the most burgled. We ask why so many crimes are unsolved.

164 burglaries a day unsolved
A neighbourhood of victims: Inside New Zealand's most burgled residential area
Explore burglary patterns in your area
Where burglars get away scot-free
Larry Williams: Burglary statistics can be misleading
Prime Minister John Key 'screamed' when face-to-face with burglar in his home
Burglary victim describes 'unnerving' experience
Acting Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers
Burglary victim 'devastated'


Day 2: Hardest Hit

Burglaries are over-represented in deprived neighbourhoods. We examine the inequality at the heart of the offending.

Burglars preying on their own communities
Barry Soper: Burglary isn't the cop's top priority
Community leader helping prevent crime

Day 3: Anatomy of a burglary

It takes only seconds to steal a person's possessions - and their sense of security. We map a burglary investigation.

Property crime far from being open-and-shut case
Eagle-eye view of burglaries
Burglary victim forced to collect own evidence
Brian Rudman: Cops chasing tokers while burglars roam
Police prioritise burglaries in NZ
Burglary victim forced to solve case himself

Day 4: Burglars and receivers

What drives someone to commit such crimes? And what are the impacts of their activities in commercial areas?

Interview with a burglar: 'I wouldn't be thinking of the victims. I'd feel nothing'
He tried to sell my stolen belongings to me
Ex-burglar speaks out
Thefts pure survival for many

Day 5: Moving forward

We explain how you can protect yourself from these invasive, expensive and apparently increasingly unsolvable crimes.

Ask the experts: Ways to curb burglaries in NZ
Neighbours take down intruder
Papakura Community Crimewatch patrollers 'eyes and ears' for police
Judge gives 38-time burglar a chance
Editorial: Priorities askew on burglaries
Local patrollers 'eyes and ears' for police
Burglary 5 top tips