A new interactive map created by the Herald Insights team of data journalists shows the number of burglaries at street level in New Zealand.

The map shows each reported burglary carried out in the 18 months to December 31, 2015.

Readers can explore the interactive to see how their neighbourhood compares to the rest of the country.

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The map was created using data released by New Zealand Police for the first time. It gives a breakdown to "meshblock" level, the smallest geographic unit by which government agencies aggregate data.

Readers can explore burglary patterns in every city in New Zealand.

Click here to see how your neighbourhood compares to the rest of NZ

For example, in Hamilton, the area around Waikato University had 312 burglaries over the period in question, significantly higher than the 126 in neighbouring Hillcrest West.

The data breaks down further to show that within the area around the university, the area between Beaumont St and Hogan St had the most number of burglaries, 38.

The release of meshblock-level data allows Herald Insights to combine it with Census data, to see patterns according to income and other socioeconomic factors.

Herald Insights will update the map as new burglary data is released.