A Morrinsville mum whose three children were on a school bus when it was shot at says it was "bloody scary".

Kylie Turner commented on social media that her son Rain had been sitting by the window when the bullet smashed through the glass.

"It was shot right above my son's head. I had three kids on the bus. Bloody scary."

Her two other children had also been on the bus and she was relieved one of her taller kids was not in that seat instead.


Ms Turner, whose younger children attend David Street School, said she did not know about the shooting until her kids arrived home 30 minutes late.

She had already been worried because she had just seen on the news that schools around the country had been evacuated after a bomb scare the same day.

Fairfax reported three of her six children had been on the bus. They were sons Rain, 9, Jai, 6 and 13-year-old daughter Willow, who attended Morrinsville College. Shards of glass landed on Willow's lap. She was sitting across the aisle from Rain.

The Herald earlier reported that three youths, all aged under 17, were shooting at targets with a BB gun behind their house when one of them decided to take a shot at a Greenline Motors school bus as it went past. The bus had just picked up its final load of students from Morrinsville College and was travelling along Alexandra Ave.

Detective Sergeant Rod Carpinter said today the investigation was ongoing and police were still talking with the three youths involved. The trio had been referred to youth aid.