Waikato police are warning motorists to watch their speed as the wet weather catches out drivers.

In Cambridge this morning, a car left the road and ended up balanced on the edge of a gravel pit. The driver was uninjured.

You know how we are always going on about slowing down in the wet conditions...?The driver of this car was lucky to...

Posted by Cambridge Police on Monday, 29 February 2016

And Hamilton police highlighted on their Facebook page a crash on Burbush Rd, Hamilton, at 8.30am yesterday in which the driver lost control of his car in wet conditions.

"The driver lost control, left the road and the vehicle rolled into a paddock. While the rear tyres were not bald they were worn; and the road was wet. Thankfully the driver and single occupant was not injured."


A heavy rain warning looms over the district again today, and police urged motorists to adjust their speed accordingly.

"No one should be driving 100km/h or above today if the road is wet. Water reduces friction. It's the same reason you shouldn't run on wet tiles in jandals. It is not worth the risk."

All adverse weather warnings and watches have been lifted as the worst of this week's wet weather clears northern regions.

MetService says the upper North Island can now expect cloudy conditions with a chance of localised showers for the next couple of days as a mass of warm sub-tropical continues to sit near the top of the country.

This would be replaced by a period of settled, fine weather which was forecast for the entire country later this week.

Communications meteorologist Lisa Murray said a ridge of high pressure was building across the country bringing settled weather to most regions.

It would remain cloudy in the north with a few lingering showers.

Those in the upper North Island could also expect warm humid conditions for another night until a southerly flow made its way up the island bringing slightly cooler temperatures with it.

Meanwhile, it was mainly fine in the South Island.