The loyal dog of a missing man keeps escaping from his home to wait for his owner in the spot he disappeared from.

Kerry Morgan, 53, has not been seen since on Friday afternoon, when he went for a walk with his 4-year-old dog, Ataahua, by the Waikato River about 2pm.

Ataahua and Mr Morgan's shoes and hat were found on the river bank. The pair walked along the river path most days.

A section of the river was searched using a boat but Mr Morgan has not yet been found.


His daughter, Lorraine Cook, gathered with other family members at the Hamilton East house her father shared with her mother, reported Fairfax.

She said Ataahua, whom Mr Morgan has had since he was a puppy, kept escaping from the home to sit at the river.

"When we were told my dad had gone missing, my brother and sister were here at the house, waiting for news from police, before we all turned up.

"They let Ataahua out of the house to go toilet. About 11pm that night, they had to go looking for her.

"One of the cops and my brother found her down by the river again in the same place, just sitting there. It was like she was waiting for him to come back.

"She keeps trying to run down there - it's sad to watch her. She looks sad."

Senior Sergeant Robbie Hermann of Waikato police said Mr Morgan often stopped at an area about 100m north of the Wellington St beach "and sometimes sits in the shallows of the river while his dog has a swim".

Police have described Mr Morgan as European, about 1.8m tall and thin.

His shoulder-length hair is brown and grey.Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to call Hamilton police on (07) 858-6200.