Bacon-flavoured icecream joins the menu at a Bay restaurant and a group of raging teens attack a delivery worker are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A Bay restaurant surprised customers when it added bacon-flavoured icecream to the menu this month - and it's been a big hit.

Raging teens surrounded and attacked the car of a delivery worker on her weekend round in the main street of Masterton on Saturday, causing $1000 worth of damage to her vehicle.

A police officer needed to use a rope tied to his ute's tow bar to reach the driver of a car balancing at the top of a steep drop.


Napier Council is working through a strategic restructure aimed at trying to best serve the community and be able to meet their expectations.

An update on noise issues surrounding the new Lumbercube mill were discussed in the latest Rotorua Lakes Council meeting. Noise complaints have more than doubled since they began work.