Two 21-year-olds found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl in the sand dunes of Canterbury's Woodend Beach have been sentenced to nine, and nine-and-a-half-years prison, respectively.

Isaac Mould and Troy McIvor were found guilty after a trial in November last year.

The victim had gone to a bonfire gathering on the beach in May 2014.

She was intoxicated when McIvor walked her into the sand dunes, where she was raped separately by both defendants.


In her victim impact statement the girl, now 18, told the court she still feels unsafe in her everyday life, and finds it hard to trust people - especially men.

Justice David Gendall took the defendants' relatively young age into account.

He sentenced McIvor to nine years in prison, and Mould to nine years, six months because he already had a small criminal record.