Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says he has not had an apology from dildo-thrower Josie Butler and is not expecting one.

Ms Butler, a nurse opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this morning released a further explanation for her actions at Waitangi on February 5 when she threw the sex toy at Mr Joyce and accused him of "raping our sovereignty".

Mr Joyce said he had not seen that explanation.

Protester throws sex toy at Steven Joyce
No charges for flinging pink dildo


"She can give it a shot, but it is what it is."

He said he had not received an apology "and I'm probably not expecting one".

He said she was "misinformed" about the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"Even the comment she made about sovereignty, with the greatest respect, is wrong because any government can withdraw from any trade deal at any time."

He would not give a view on whether her employer should discipline her: "It is not my issue. The issue is her issue and she just needs to deal with whatever. I've stayed right out of it."

Speaking to Mana News, Ms Butler said she was "very concerned about the effects of the TPP on my patients".

"I think it's a shame that it takes a hard-working nurse throwing a dildo at a politician to open up this debate."

The dildo toss made headlines around the world.

She was taken away by police, but said she wasn't charged.

"The police dealt with me professionally, as is their duty, and I was dealt with accordingly under the law. No formal charges were laid."

Ms Butler responded to claims that other anti-TPP protesters at Waitangi disapproved of her actions.

"At the end of the day I put myself on the line to stand up for patient rights, and the vast majority of people ... I spoke to at Waitangi highly respected that. I have been invited back next year, and plan to attend."

She said she had received "overwhelming support and aroha from around the world".

"I will continue to proudly stand up for my country and its beautiful people."