Christchurch Gondola hopes passengers trapped for two hours yesterday afternoon won't be deterred from using it again.

The gondola broke down just after noon as a result of a possible faulty grip affecting one of the pod carriages.

It took two hours for mechanical and engineering staff to find the solution and restart the gondola.

The passengers were never in any danger, managing director Michael Esposito said.

Passengers were trapped for about two hours in the Christchurch Gondola this afternoon.

"I apologise for the distress and delay for our customers," he said.

"We train and prepare for a number of scenarios with various rescue organisations and emergency services so operationally things [run] smoothly.

"We refunded those whose trip was disrupted and hope to welcome them back another time."

About 20 customers received refunds on their $28 tickets and were offered free cold drinks and coffee, he said.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said a call was received at 1.05pm that between 30 and 40 people were trapped in the gondola carriages.

One ambulance and another St John vehicle were sent to the scene and assessed people as they came off. No one required treatment, the spokeswoman said.

St John stood down from the incident at 2.55pm.

The Herald understands several children were among the groups stuck in the carriages.

The gondola ride goes about 1km to the top of the Port Hills, almost 500 metres above sea level.