People who park in a disabled spot while the person who was given the badge waits in the car - not the point of the disabled spot! Neither is the space for you to wait in for someone else.


To the truck driver on the Northwestern: I still don't know what happened when I pulled out in front of you, nor why I didn't look over my shoulder the way I usually always do. But if it wasn't for you stepping on the brakes, I might not be around today. So, from the bottom of my heart, my apologies to you, and a massive thank you!



To the lady at the Z service station pump at Westgate on Friday afternoon: you sat in your car not moving forward for the next car in the queue to use the pump and we had to wait while your daughter returned from McDonald's down the road with drinks. Then still more waiting while you slowly put your seat belts on. I suggest next time driving to where you want to go instead of holding up customers waiting to fill up.


I would like to congratulate the staff at Pak'n Save Mt Albert for their professional service while the Eftpos was down this week. Their service was wonderful and everyone handled the situation so well.


To all those folk who insist on walking their dogs during the hottest part of the day: Would you like to walk on the hot pavement barefoot? Wait until it's cooler, and take some water for your dog.

B. Cox

I was walking along Ruakaka Beach the other day and was approached by two ladies with their dogs. They both put them on leash before I reached them. I was so pleased, having been bitten by a dog at Gulf Harbour a few years ago. I wish other owners would control their dogs like this rather than let them jump up at you. Thanks, ladies.


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