Listen to Larry Williams now on Larry Williams Drive, 4pm to 7pm. Today, the show will cover John Key's decision to attend Waitangi celebrations and the result from the Iowa caucuses.

The Prime Minister is going to Waitangi but says that protestors could block him from getting onto the lower marae at Te Tii.

John Key will attend Waitangi commemorations at Te Tii Marae

There is no question it could get quite nasty and that is why John Key's decision is unwise.
Waitangi has been a laughing stock for a long time now and the Ngapuhi vote to ban the PM is further confirmation of how dysfunctional that outfit up north is.

Truth is, nobody cares too much about what Ngapuhi think, let alone with regard to Waitangi Day.


Radical Maori protesters have systematically destroyed Waitangi Day and New Zealanders are over it.

You could say that Key is showing great fortitude in turning up to face the music under duress.

I think the majority of Kiwis would prefer that he didn't go. They are sick and tired of the disrespect shown to the office of Prime Minister by a bunch of Maori separatists.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Donald Trump was gracious in defeat in the Iowa caucus yesterday.

Iowa caucuses leave Republican and Democratic contests far from settled

After the bragging and bravado leading up to Iowa, Trump delivered a humble speech. That's impressive. It sounded genuine.

Trump, remember, skipped the last Republican candidate debate on the Fox news channel because he didn't like the moderator. That looks to have backfired in Iowa. Sarah Palin's endorsement may not have helped either.

I doubt neither Trump nor Ted Cruz will win the nomination - they don't have broad appeal.

Marco Rubio is another story. I think Rubio kicks on from here. Rubio, who secured third place in Iowa, has a bit of JFK about him. Rubio, according to polls, is a dead cert to beat Hillary Clinton.

Rubio's youth and smarts against the tired Clinton dynasty - with all the baggage that comes with it - will surely be a walk in the park for Rubio.

As far as Clinton's tie with Bernie Sanders in Iowa - the outcome was a disaster for her.

Clinton wins Iowa, campaigns turn to New Hampshire

In six counties they tossed a coin to determine the winner and Clinton won every one of them!

Clinton was more or less taken out by a socialist who will never be elected President of the United States.

History, I think, is catching up with the Clintons.