Apparently, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing - especially when it comes to the Kelly triplets.

For the past month, 6-year-old Taieri Mouth identical triplets Olivia, Charlotte and Haylee have been excitedly counting down the days leading to their return to Milton Primary School.

Their mother Michelle said they got on well with each other but also loved the company of others - hence their desire to return to school.

"I had to write the back-to-school date on the calendar, and we crossed off each day.


"The last two weeks of the holidays, they were pretty keen to get back."

They were getting tired of their own company and wanted to see their friends again.

"Possibly, it was a case of too much of a good thing."

The girls started their second year at Milton Primary School yesterday, and were particularly looking forward to physical education and art. Charlotte said they each had their own group of friends, but still hung out together when they could.

"When we were 5, we used to play with each other lots, but now we play with our friends heaps."

They are in different classes this year, which principal Tania McNamara said would allow the girls to develop their individuality.