Two women are facing charges after two separate biting incidents at the weekend - one where an artery was struck, causing major blood loss.

On Saturday afternoon a woman's ear was "mauled" by another woman in a supermarket carpark, and early yesterday morning a 19-year-old was bitten on the neck at the Thirsty Whale in Ahuriri.

Detective Sergeant Darren Pritchard said it was not unusual for an injury caused by biting to be reported to police.

"It is a little unusual that we've had a clump of them in a short space of time," he said.


At 1am on Sunday, police were called to the Thirsty Whale bar in Ahuriri after a 32-year-old woman allegedly bit a 19-year-old man in the neck.

Thirsty Whale owner Chris Sullivan said the incident was a "storm in a teacup", which happened as security tried to remove two men after a "minor scuffle".

"It wasn't even a fight, people were still dancing around them.

"The security guys came to remove them and I don't know why she got involved, she just latched her arms around his neck."

After seeing the 19-year-old's wound and watching the surveillance footage, Mr Sullivan said he wasn't sure the man had been bitten.

"There was a reasonable amount of blood ... but the round teeth mark wasn't there. It looked worse than what it was."

Mr Sullivan was at the premises when the incident occurred. His staff had rung police and the doorman suppressed the 19-year-old's wound until the ambulance arrived.

Senior Sergeant Karl Bauerfeind said the woman bit the man on the neck, striking an artery and causing a considerable amount of blood loss.

She was charged with wounding with intent to injure, and the victim was discharged from Hawke's Bay Hospital later yesterday.

Mr Sullivan said all three would be given two-year trespass notices.

On Saturday afternoon, police were called to an unrelated incident at Onekawa New World carpark after a fight involving three women.

A 17-year-old was arrested and charged with wounding with intent to injure after biting another woman's ear.

Mr Bauerfeind said witnesses had said they thought the woman's ear had been bitten off because "it was quite messy".

The ear was still attached but Mr Bauerfeind said it had been badly bitten and looked like it had been "mauled".

St John transported the victim to hospital, where she was treated and discharged the same afternoon.

The owner of Onekawa New World could not be reached for comment.