A woman who deliberately crashed her car into a fence her brother was standing behind has been convicted of using the vehicle as a weapon.

Caley Maree Maulder, 24, has no previous criminal history, the Whanganui District Court heard on Tuesday.

Maulder's brother, who also faces charges, allegedly showed up to Maulder's house on January 22. Police prosecutor Sergeant David Grey said the brother suffers from a condition, and often threatens to kill family members.

He had previously been trespassed from the property, but allegedly came into a shed where Maulder was, snuck up behind her and punched her, before leaving the property while yelling at her.


Maulder got into a car and drove along the street. The victim entered school property and stood behind a large wooden fence, continuing to yell at Maulder, Mr Grey said.

"The defendant drove the vehicle into the wooden fence."

The victim was uninjured but the car and fence were damaged.

Maulder admitted to drinking alcohol before getting in the car, and blew an evidential breath reading of 631mcg, the limit being 250mcg.

She pleaded guilty in court to driving with excess breath alcohol, dangerous driving, and assault with a blunt instrument.

Judge David Cameron referred the matter to Restorative Justice and bailed Maulder to March 8 for sentencing.