Ngongotaha Rd was closed to traffic for a few hours this morning after a large diesel spill closed the road.

Fire crews from the Ngongotaha Volunteer Fire Brigade closed the road and diverted traffic down Kokiri St and Beaumont Rd after being called to the spill at 8.50am.

Ngongotaha chief fire officer Francis Boag said crews had to close the road due to the large amount of diesel spilt - that he thought was "probably accidental".
"Looking at the trail, it's carried on down the road and looks like someone may have left the cap off their tank, and with the rainfall we've had it would have helped the the diesel spill across both lanes of the road.

"We just had to shut the road down and used absorbents we carry with us to keep it contained and stop run off into the gutter. We then called roading crews from the council to help clean it up."

Fire crews, council staff and contractors from Higgins spent around two hours at the scene and the road was re-opened soon after.