Prime Minister John Key is expected to be given a message of caution about the Trans Pacific Partnership when he arrives at Ratana Pa today.

However, the expected throng of protesters is yet to arrive. Today is the first political outing of the year and will be attended by politicians from most parties in Parliament, including Labour leader Andrew Little.

The looming signing of the TPP on February 4 is set to be a lightning rod for protest.

But Ratana elders have warned that the annual celebrations of the birth of the Church founder Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana is a peaceful occasion and that protesters should act accordingly.


In respect of that, the protesters appear to have settled for standing on the roadside just outside the village gates where the Prime Minister will drive past.

Mr Little could also face some criticism for his description of the event as a "bit of a beauty parade" last year. Labour has had an alliance with the Church since 1936.