A Wellington woman who received third-degree burns after a horrific medical blunder has been paid $5000.

The 21-year-old, whom the Herald on Sunday has agreed not to name, faced a costly and traumatic five-month recovery after the error during what was supposed to be a routine 15-minute procedure. She was then offered a $50 fuel voucher by way of apology.

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The woman went to Wellington's Wakefield Specialist Centre last March for a colposcopy but the acetic acid used should have been diluted to 5 per cent but was instead 100 per cent concentration.

It caused severe internal burns.

Newton Mall Pharmacy labelled the acid and is investigating what went wrong. They have now paid the woman for her medical expenses.

The woman said she was relieved to have the money.

"It basically pays back the savings I had and spent in the time of the hospital incident and months following. It doesn't cover emotional compensation but I'm just happy to recover my savings," she said.

The woman's mother said her daughter would still need ongoing treatment.

"She will still have to go in for a checkup every six months for the next five years because doctors just don't know how bad the damage has been."

She said it was still not clear whether her daughter's ability to have children had been affected.