Four New Zealand restaurants have been included in a list of the world's top eateries.

La Liste is a new restaurant guide compiled from hundreds of guidebooks and online review sites to list the world's 1000 most exceptional restaurants.

The French Cafe, Sidart, The Grove and Kazuya have made the cut for the list, which is topped by Restaurant De L'Hotel De Ville in Switzerland.

Sidart owner Sid Sahrawat, whose restaurant placed 792nd, said being included was "an amazing feeling".


"New Zealand is still not as recognised as it could be, there's not many of our restaurants on the list but its still reassuring that the rest of the world is starting to notice New Zealand."

"It may seem like a lot to have 1000 on the list but when its the whole world it is quite a good achievement, for all the restaurants that have been included."

France and Japan led the charge on the list, both with over 100 restaurants featured, followed closely by the United States.

China, Spain, Germany and Italy also featured strongly with over 50 restaurants each on the list.

Where they came:

The French Cafe: 723rd

Sidart: 792nd

The Grove: 794th

Kazuya: 955th