Herald with the story about Belgian astronomers naming a constellation after David Bowie.' />
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To the truck driver who almost ran me over on January 15 at the Ruahine St /Main St corner in Palmerston North. Did you honestly think you could beat the traffic lights? I had the green pedestrian light so you would have driven through a red light and you missed me by a few inches. It was lucky that I saw you coming otherwise you would have hit me. Think about how much time you have left for the yellow light next time.


Major rave for the fantastic photos in Tuesday's Herald with the story about Belgian astronomers naming a constellation after David Bowie. I have cut out the article to keep as I rank Aladdin Sane in one of my top 10 albums of all time and the cover photo is also lasered into my memory! Huge kudos to those astronomers for their stellar great taste (pun intended) and whoever created the fantastic hologram and lightning bolt in your story.



Black mark to the couple sitting in their car in Henderson on Sunday night demolishing a tray of prawns but then throwing all the shells on to the road, followed by the empty tray. I'd have loved to have been able to brush them up and throw them back into their car.


I just want to say a huge thank you to the two loveliest young ladies who came to my rescue when I had taken a wrong turn or two on Sunday afternoon and had no idea where I was. Not only did they point me in the right direction; they said they would actually take me to my venue and all I had to do was follow them. When we arrived at my destination they drove through the gate, did a turnaround in the carpark, waved to me with a smile and drove off; they really made my day and I am so grateful to them. Thank you both so much.


A boating family who come into Whakanewha Bay on Waiheke Island and thought it was funny that their sons were harassing the nesting birds there. Bit of respect for the wildlife would be appreciated.


The pink bridge cycle lane is awesome! My family and went for a cycle last weekend. Auckland Council, you have done a superb job.

The Harrisons