The group of men "pick up artists" who'd planned to deliver a controversial seminar on how to seduce women has back-tracked on its intention to come to New Zealand.

Australians and New Zealanders were up in arms over Real Social Dynamic's arrival. A petition started in Australia collecting more than 60,000 signatures, while a similar petition to ban it from holding a seminar in New Zealand had also reached almost 2000 signatures.

Women's Refuge NZ even started a hashtag for its campaign against the group 's arrival here - #NoYouAreBloodyNot.

The group has been accused of promoting a form of technique that encourages mental and physical abuse against women.


It has since confirmed on its Twitter page that all its events in Australia have been cancelled until further notice and that none of its team would be coming to New Zealand.

"RSD has no intention of hosting any live events in New Zealand," it tweeted. "All events have been canceled [sic]."

It had initially advertised a seminar set down to take place in April this year.

Numerous Australian media outlets have reported one of its members, Jeff Allen, put an end to his Australian tour after the Government there cancelled his visa.

In 2014 another of its members Julien Blanc faced similar controversy and also had his visa cancelled on his Australian tour.

Immigration New Zealand said yesterday even if Mr Blanc made it to the New Zealand border he could be stopped from entry as a result of having been deported from Australia.

Section 15 of the Immigration Act provides that anyone who has been deported from another country cannot be granted entry to New Zealand except by a special direction from the Immigration Minister.

Women's Refuge has responded to the news on its Facebook page with a thumbs up.