To the Auckland Transport (AT) bus driver who went past our bus stop on Great South Rd, Greenlane on January 15: I am not sure how you could miss us two adults and five children waiting to go to the city. If AT wants people to use public transport, how about you stop and pick them up? Just as well Howick & Eastern drivers were so nice to us.

Sarah Jane

Thanks to the girls who live in Cricket Ave who helped us when our car wouldn't start after the NZ-Pakistan T20 on Friday. They alerted their neighbour Harry, who came along very quickly with his jump-start box of tricks and got us going again. Top man!


Keith and Ray

When a woman is busting to go to the toilet after doing her shopping and mall security tell her that they close straight after cleaning at 9.45pm and refuse access because it's 10pm, then tell her to go find a public toilet elsewhere it's downright rude. Would you treat your own mum the same way? Or would you rather she be treated with dignity? Incidentally the woman tried another five places that were "cleaning" as it was closing time. All refused her the right to dignity.


Can I please offer apologies for tooting loudly at a car turning right from Hauraki Corner into Lake Rd, Takapuna when I was going straight through. I didn't realise that my right hand indicator had locked on sending the wrong signal.

Audi driver

I hope the security cameras at Conifer Grove pick up the car registration of the hoon wearing a striped top surfing on the boot of a red vehicle on Sunday afternoon. The car came out of Emory Drive, turned into Walter Strevens Drive to the village and back into Emory Drive. If you fell off you wouldn't do it again.


My husband has a mobility problem and within the space of 48 hours we had wonderful spontaneous assistance shown to us. Thank you to the lovely folk at Botany Town Centre who rescued and fixed the travel scooter last Thursday when it suddenly collapsed, and equally to the thoughtful cafe worker at the Coffee Club in Mission Bay for holding an umbrella while we struggled to get into the car in such wild weather on Friday. And then to the kind doctor and his wife who kept my husband safe at the Berkeley Theatre after seeing a movie.

Carol Smith
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