A Queenstown cat charity boss was left open-mouthed by a freedom camper's feral feast.

Queenstown Cat Rescue co-founder Julia Milley said a German holiday-maker helped himself to a bowl of cat kibble, intended to feed a colony of wild, but desexed moggies, on Sunday.

Ms Milley said a volunteer had left the food at a local feed box, but when he went to retrieve it on Sunday night it was gone.

"There were six young German guys sitting near the feeding box,'' Ms Milley said.


"He asked them if they'd seen the bowl. They pointed to Fritz, who was sitting there drinking a beer.

"So he'd been sitting there drinking his beer and eating the nuts.''

She was not sure whether the German freedom camper was cash-strapped and hungry, or just acting up.

"I guess if they've had a few beers, that's what they do.

"But maybe one of his mates tricked him and he didn't realise what they were.'

Queenstown Cat Rescue has desexed and rehomed nearly 1000 cats or kittens in the past seven years.

- Moutain Scene