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I was embarrassed as an Aucklander last week to be told by my visiting brother and his wife that they were charged $25 for a taxi ride from Queens Wharf to 19 Nelson St, just over 1km. The taxi company was not very friendly while admitting the fare should have been a shade over $16 including a $7 "port levy". I would have thought taxi companies would be trying to do the right thing in a competitive market.

A J Dickason

Thanks to the three kind-hearted personnel on Paihia Wharf who came to my aid after I fell heavily on one of the two floating pontoons on Tuesday afternoon. Dazed and momentarily out for the count, I was given attention before seeking medical treatment. With lacerations to both legs, two sprained wrists and considerable bruising I have only just come up for air.



I saw a ranger at the Muriwai gannet colony approach a surfer in a car and deliver a forceful message about a dog in the vehicle. There was no indication the driver was going to let the dog out yet the ranger seemed quite hostile. The driver made it clear that he was simply getting changed out of his wetsuit and that the dog was staying where it was. Signs make it clear dogs are not permitted, yet this dog was under full control. Time for a bit of human behaviour modification, perhaps?


A huge big thank you to Nicky from Edible Blooms, Auckland for making sure I received my gift package for Christmas. After receiving a gift package via courier I found some of the fruit had deteriorated in the heat during transit. Nicky very kindly delivered a new package to my home when passing through Matamata on Christmas Day.


Good on dog owners at Kennedy Park for bagging up their dogs' droppings - but how about putting them in the bin. Today I've picked up three bags, along with my dog's bag.

Ann Haynes

I would like to commend the lady bus driver on the 472 trip into Britomart on 1/1/16. I boarded at Greenlane about 9.50am and was greeted with a smile and welcome. The driver also assisted two senior citizens with their large bags, two tourists looking for an address, waited for a passenger running for the bus and helped an elderly passenger disembark at Auckland City Hospital.