Classical singer Lizzie Marvelly has come out in defence of Noa Woolloff, the 17-year-old father who will become head boy of Wellington's Aotea College this year. Here's what she said on Twitter:

"Yes, teen mums deserve visibility, support and praise for stepping up, but so do teen dads. It's not either/or, it's both.

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"The story today is part of a much larger issue. It could've been broader/not centred on telling Noa's story, but his story is important too.


"I would love to hear about Kyla's mum, as I'm sure a number of others would, it would be a great follow-up if she wanted to be interviewed.

"As much as it may grate in terms of representation, a teen dad being head boy is unusual, thus newsworthy.

"I know it's much harder for teen mums to be head girl, but that's my point: I think this is a societal problem, not a media failing.

"And slamming a teenager for finding it hard to adjust to/navigate teen parenthood? Has it really come to this?

"Anyway, I know my thoughts are unpopular, but I think there are a number of assumptions being made without us knowing the full story.

"I totally agree teen mums often face more hardship than teen dads, but teen parents of both genders should be supported.

"Not saying we shouldn't debate, not saying we don't need representation of teen mums, not saying societal shit against teen mums is okay.

"But I am saying can we not attack a teen dad?

Anyway, that's me, over and out. :)"