A young Christchurch woman and her mother are nursing a pair of black eyes after a woman tried to fight her way into their car in the early hours of New Year's Day.

Georgia Fergusson, 22, has posted images of their injuries on social media, alongside a video showing the end of the violent altercation with the unknown woman outside the Christchurch Casino.

Police confirmed an investigation was under way into the 1am assault.

An acting Senior Sergeant at the Christchurch District Command Centre said police attended the "altercation between the victim and an unknown female" at 1.25am on New Year's Day.


What I was once proud of, I am now ashamed to be from Christchurch. How did your New Years end up?I ended up bloody and...

Posted by Georgia Fergusson on Friday, January 1, 2016

Miss Fergusson detailed the events that led up to what she described as an unprovoked attack.

She said her mother, Michelle Coker, had come to pick up her and her boyfriend at the end of their New Year's Eve celebrations.

"The woman in white had opened my mum's passenger door and I had tried to explain to her that it wasn't a taxi, it was my mum picking me up.

"That's when she punched me in the face."

Miss Fergusson said her mother then got out to come to her rescue and was also punched in the face.

"As my mother was trying to get this woman off me, a man, who we assume was her boyfriend, punched my middle-aged mother right in the face."

The video showed a woman in a white dress raining blows on Miss Fergusson, who was screaming on the ground. Meanwhile, her mother, in a yellow dress, was shouting and swearing as she tried to drag the woman off her daughter.

Eventually, Miss Ferguson said, two women, one an off-duty ambulance officer, stepped in to help break up the fight.

She has shared the video on social media in the hopes of tracking down her attackers.

"Please share this with everybody you can," she said. "We need to find these people."

Miss Fergusson also thanked those who wished her and her mother well.

"My amazing mother and I would like to thank all the hundreds and thousands of people for all their support and well wishes. Thank you for helping spread the word. We really believe we will catch these scumbags."