The abandoned daughter of Leigh Ann Sabine has raised $120 in a quest to reunite with the family she never knew she had.

Jane Sabine was abandoned with her four siblings in New Zealand by her UK parents John and Leigh Ann Sabine. Leigh Ann is accused of murdering her husband in 1997.

Jane Sabine launched a Givealittle fundraising page to raise funds to travel to the UK to meet her relatives.

She wrote on the page she wasn't aware of newly discovered family.


"It is only due to recent tragic media events surrounding my parents in the UK that family have been made aware of our existence and wish to meet and support me through this time."

At 1.30pm the page has raised $120 from nine donors.

"All I have ever wanted is to feel connected and know my family. I knew there must of been some out there and I've held that hope for a lifetime," Ms Sabine wrote on her fundraising page.

She lost a daughter previously. "I have had to deal with these events on my own and I yearn to be surrounded by family."

It was only after Leigh Ann Sabine died of brain cancer this month that the body of her husband was found in the garden of her council flat in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Police believe his wife killed him and then kept his body hidden in her flat for 18 years.

The couple had moved to New Zealand with their children but later abandoned them when they were aged between 2 and 11.

The siblings only heard of their parents' fate again last week when police contacted them in New Zealand.


Leigh Ann's son Steve Sabine was "overwhelmed" by the historic murder allegation but told British media: "If anyone was going to do it, she was going to do it."