An injured Israeli tourist was rescued from Goat Pass by dusk yesterday following a search and rescue operation.

The man suffered moderate head injuries and a broken leg after slipping about 30m while climbing with two other Israeli men.

Police yesterday described the group as "not well prepared" for the environment they were in.

West Coast police search and rescue co-ordinator sergeant Sean Judd said the men had spent the night in Goat Pass Hut and were attempting to traverse an area of steep ice and snow when another member of the party fell, breaking his femur.


One of the party was able to make it back to Goat Pass Hut and radio for help by 8.30am yesterday and a rescue was launched, which included the use of helicopter rescue staff and the Christchurch Alpine Cliff Rescue team.

Meanwhile, a Westport woman reported missing yesterday, Samantha Gale, has been located in Christchurch.

- Greymouth Star