A spike in thefts from trailers means some people need to be more vigilant about security, police say.

Thefts from trailers were up across greater Wellington in recent months, according to the police Car Squad.

"Trailers are vulnerable to theft as they are less likely to be afforded the same protection as motor vehicles," said Constable Brittany Allan of the District Car Squad.

"Trailers are often left unsecured or poorly secured on residential front lawns or driveways and can be stolen relatively quickly and quietly," Ms Allan added.


Wellington Police said a person was arrested on Monday in Stokes Valley for the theft of a trailer.

Police had six pieces of advise for trailer owners:

• Park the trailer out of view.
• Move the trailer so its coupling faced away from the road.
• Fit a hitch-coupler lock and/or wheel lock to the trailer.
• Use a chain or cable to secure the trailer to an immovable object.
• Remove one or all of the trailer's wheels.
• Fit a GPS tracking device to the trailer.