A farmer caught two young adults who allegedly stole a car, sparked a police chase, and then crashed into another car before trying to run away overnight.

Waikato police have praised the farmer for apprehending a man aged 20 and an 18-year-old woman after the chaotic events.

District road policing manager Inspector Freda Grace said the mayhem started when police checked a Nissan Primera travelling at 126km/h on State Highway 25 at Waitakaruru.

"Instead of stopping as required, the driver has instead fled from police at speed and a pursuit under the supervision of the northern communications centre has been initiated.


"Given the speed and nature of the fleeing motorist's driving, the pursuit was abandoned ... officers conducting a search for the Nissan came across it somewhat worse for wear a short time later."

Mrs Grace understood after officers lost sight of the Primera, it collided with another vehicle when the offenders were overtaking.

"The offending driver lost control of the Nissan and crashed into trees and a sheet metal fence causing extensive damage to the car."

The pair then tried running away.

"As it turns out the owner of the property where the car crashed heard the commotion and saw the couple fleeing and apprehended them until police arrived," Ms Grace said.

"This intervention allowed for the offenders to be held to account and the driver was arrested for reckless driving and failing to stop."

Mrs Grace said the female passenger was arrested in connection to an unrelated shoplifting matter in Manawatu.

"The pair were taken to Thames Hospital for assessment and will appear in the Hamilton District Court later today," Mrs Grace said.


She said the pair were "very lucky" to escape serious injuries, as were the innocent people in the car they clipped just before the crash.

"Those people and the farmer now have to deal with insurance companies in relation to the damaged caused through no fault of their own," Mrs Grace said.