In a rescue coordinated from New Zealand, 36 crew from a Papua New Guinean fishing boat have been saved after a fire disabled the vessel.

The one-year-old Papua New Guinea registered Glory Pacific No.8 activated its emergency beacon this evening, just inside the New Zealand search and rescue region, after an engine room fire.

The Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) directed another vessel to help the struggling ship's crew.

Search and rescue mission coordinator, Mike Roberts said the ship was 210 miles north, north east of Tokelau and an offer was made by the United States Coastguard Honolulu to send a C130 Hercules aircraft to investigate.


Mr Roberts said because the Glory Pacific No.8 was so far North, the United States aircraft would have got to it before a New Zealand Air Force aircraft could have.

But RCCNZ instead located another fishing vessel, the Marshall Islands registered Lomalo, about 100 miles from Glory Pacific No.8 and directed it to the struggling boat.

All 36 crew from the Glory Pacific No.8 have been rescued and its owners are making salvage arrangements.