To parents or caregivers who drop off students on the Boundary Rd side entrance to Lynfield College: Please do not stop on yellow lines and the bus stop. It creates more traffic congestion and a safety issue. Hope the college takes some action. The Auckland Council will make millions on traffic offence fees if it permanently stations traffic ticketing officers at schools around starting and finishing times. This would help increase student safety and catch repeat offenders.


Middlemore Hospital's exterior does not in any way reflect the attitude of the wonderful doctors and nurses within. My 90-year-old mother was admitted in June in a serious condition after a resthome fall and was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. She was in for almost four weeks and everyone I had contact with was a credit to their profession.



The person who ranted about "cigarette butts lying all over the ground and people smoking where there are no-smoking signs" at the main entrance of Middlemore says the hospital should "clean up" their act. Tell us how, and who should clean up after the litterbugs? Strange how far the ill will walk for a smoke.


To Andrew Hooker of Shine Lawyers, Auckland. You are an incredible person who has given us faith in this crazy, hectic world, that there are still people out there who really do care. We cannot thank you enough for your support and generosity.

Michelle and Laurie

I am a serial house mover, not by choice but due to owners selling their rentals. My rant is to all the people who have previously lived at these properties. NZ Post has a service to forward mail; it is not my duty to collect your mail and return it to sender. If I can do it, so can you.


A big thank you to Air NZ cabin crew member Brent, who happened to be at Bunnings recently when I was buying decking timber. I had forgotten my tape measure and not only did he use his own, he also calculated what I needed, measured and sorted out the best timber, then asked if I needed a hand to put it in our station wagon. This was someone who was a customer like myself (although a lot younger). If there were more people like Brent, the world would be a lot better place.

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