Max Key's holiday posts have dominated the headlines in New Zealand and grabbed the public's attention.

You'd almost think from the interest in his social media accounts that he was Prime Minister.

But it's not the first time John Key's son has lit up the web with his selfies. Here are a few other highlights.

Father's son

God what's changed ????

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Max isn't shy about his relationship with his father. Key Snr frequently features on his Instagram account - sometimes shirtless, as you can see from the below post from earlier this year:


Pre birthday spa and yarns with the old man. Thank you everyone for such an awesome weekend????? #20

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That bare-chest pic, snapped by Key Snr moments before he plunged into a spa pool, was on the occasion of Max's 20th birthday.

It caused a stir with Paul Henry asking if it was narcissism and Mike Hosking asking the PM if he was under the influence. "No I was stone cold sober," said the PM.

Model son

In June, Max turned model, making the fashion pages of Remix magazine.

The magazine profiled Max draped in the latest runway-trend, green, with editor Steven Fernandez saying he was an obvious choice.

"We knew Max had an interest in modelling, and we reached out to him to model in our menswear trend page. Green is a hot colour right now on the catwalks in Paris and Milan," Fernandez said.

Perhaps it's because his father sashayed down the catwalk four years ago to model a Rugby World Cup kit.


Checking into the first spa with papa J ?????

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Max does like to show off his Bieber-like physique - a lot.

Perfect night for a spa ?????

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Smooth criminal

Having a hack with @danbilzerian ????? @andrew.vincent

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Perhaps the best Instagram picture Max has posted. It appeared to show him with a suspected felon - but it turned out to be a teenage hoax.


He claimed the man with the beard was Dan Bilzerian, an American trust fund beneficiary, poker player and part-time actor who is facing criminal charges in the US.

"Having a hack with @danbilzerian", the photograph's caption says.

The picture fooled a few observers, including the Herald, TVNZ and others.

Commenters on the Instagram picture ranged from confused - "Is that him?" - to disgusted.

Kiwi singer Lorde expressed her distaste below the photograph: "Bleugh".

The bearded person is actually a friend of Max's who has a strikingly similar appearance to Bilzerian.

True romance

These are the pictures that sparked the most recent chatter and rumours that Max had proposed to his girlfriend.

One image from the ones he posted from the Key family holiday to Hawaii shows him with his girlfriend Amelia Finlayson on the summit of the Haleakala volcano on Maui.

Smuggled my bunny to the tropics ????? #livelokai

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Perhaps the key to understanding the pics is the fact Max's sister - Cherry Lazar - is an artist who likes to poke fun at the world and notions of identity. They certainly appear to share the same sense of humour.

Trying on the headwear ????? @cherrylazar

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