Police officer back to work on full duties after Crown takes back charges.

A police officer accused of repeatedly beating a young girl has had the charges against him withdrawn by the Crown.

The officer - who is based in the North Island and has been involved in anti-family violence campaigns - was one of four extended family members accused of a six-year campaign of sustained violence against the child, who is now 13.

On one occasion it is alleged the cop smashed her in the back several times with a piece of wood, knocking her to the ground.

She sought refuge by crawling under a nearby car but he allegedly dragged her out by the leg and continued the attack.


Police confirmed yesterday he was back at work on full duties.

NZME News Service was permitted to access the court file under the condition the complainant and defendants were not named.

The Crown applied to have the officer stand trial with the other three people but in February Judge Anna Johns ruled there would have to be two trials because the allegations against the policeman were separate from the others.

The judge said there was no suggestion anyone else was present during his reported attacks, which the victim said happened up to twice a week.

The trial for the three other accused - on 18 charges between them - will start in November and the Crown eventually decided in May that "public interest points away from proceeding against [the police officer]".

Four charges of assault with a weapon and one of assaulting a child were withdrawn. "The Crown is of the view the child's wellbeing may be jeopardised by a second set of proceedings. That is a risk the Crown is not willing to take," prosecutor Eliza Walker said.

But both defence counsel and the judge said there was no evidence of any great emotional toll on the young girl.

"I see keeping [him] separate as not ultimately putting any additional stress on the complainant," Judge Johns said.

Court documents alleged that between 2012 and 2014 the cop also used his police belt as a weapon against the girl.

The complainant told interviewers that once he "whacked" her five times and punched her as she lay on the ground, before dragging her along the floor by her legging and striking her again with the belt.

But the court recognised the allegations against the other three defendants as being more serious.

The Crown outlined the most serious incident, which allegedly began with the girl being punched, hit with a stick and sat on.

The police summary said she was held down while someone grabbed an electric bread knife from the kitchen in a bid to cut off her nipple. "Fortunately, the knife did not work."

Further incidents allegedly saw her dragged around the house by her hair, with such force clumps were pulled out.

And she also reported times when she was punched and had her head smashed into a brick wall outside the church they all attended.

A police spokeswoman said the officer was initially placed on restricted duties while the matter was subject to investigation.

Because the charges were withdrawn by the Crown, rather than dismissed by the court, there is a possibility they may be relaid.