A 15-year-old girl was stood down from school after making a speech which claimed her teachers needed to work harder, rather than "sit around and do nothing."

Anela Pritchard, a Year 10 student at Napier Girls' High School, also criticised her teachers for making students feel useless and teaching them irrelevant information instead of how to survive in the real world.

"We have all these teachers that don't enjoy their jobs and are all angry about the cutbacks in their pay cheques, making us feel like complete idiots and making us feel useless," she said in her speech, which she later posted on her Facebook page.

"Like it's our fault that we don't understand the work. Maybe some of us just don't understand it. Or maybe the teacher didn't teach it very well, but we're the ones dealing with the consequences of failure.

"teachers are PAID to TEACH us, not paid to hand out a piece of paper with word's on it and sit around and do nothing!!!!!!"

"It's teachers like this that make us students want to skip class and not got to school because they think we aren't good enough for a certain subject. Like we are stupid and will never understand it. Teachers are paid to teach us, not paid to hand out a piece of paper with words on it and sit round and do nothing."

In the speech- which attracted nearly 7000 likes and hundreds of comments within 24 hours- Anela said students struggled and stressed "over thing that aren't important in the long run."


"In high school we should be learning about the real world- how to pay my taxes, apply for jobs, mortgage my house, buy a car- things that we will actually use in the future.

"So far, I've only learned that whatever I manage to get done in a short amount of time isn't enough."

She said after her speech her teacher "left the class looking rather sad."

It is understood that the popular teacher was moved to tears.

When Anela got home the next day her father told her the school had said she was not welcome to return until he had met with the principal.


Orchard worker Andrew Pritchard said he stood by his daughter's opinions and had hoped for an apology, which was not forthcoming at a meeting with the principal yesterday. However, Anela was welcome to return to school.

School principal and Hawke's Bay Secondary Schools Prinicipals Association president Mary Nixon did not return calls.

"The school were protecting their own butt, which I totally understand, but I don't think Anela is satisfied with what she has got," said Mr pritchard.

"I've left the ball in her court but I don't think she really wants to be there- there is a bit of animosity as far as teachers go, as well as fellow students."

It was up to her to decide if she would return before the school holidays, during which she would move to Australia to live with her brother. Her mother passed away "a few good years ago."

"I can see both sides but at the end of the day all she was doing was standing up and telling her side of the story. To be prosecuted for it, I think, is a little rough," Mr Pritchard said.

A Facebook comment from IronMaori co-founder and Hawkes Bay District Health Board member Heather Skipworth, QSM, commended Anela for saying not all teachers taught poorly.

"Thank you for speaking on behalf of yourself and many others that wouldn't have the confidence to do do," Ms Skipworth said.

"Our education system is failing many of our kids, not because they are rebellious, but purely because one size does not fit all."