A teacher who seduced two of her pupils - including 'sexting' them and pulling one boy out of classes so they could have sex - has lost her teacher's license, but will not face criminal charges over the inappropriate relationships.

Melanie Hendriks initiated sexual relationships with the St John's College pupils when she was a drama teacher at the Hamilton school.

During that time she engaged in sexual acts on school premises with one of the boys, known as Student A, and excused him from classes, study periods and assemblies so they could have sex, a Teacher's Council disciplinary decision said.

Ms Hendriks also sent the student text messages - the contents of which are too graphic to print - and sexy and provocative photographs. The photographs were taken on school premises and during school hours, and were sent to Student A during school hours, the Teacher's Council report says.


The communication continued even after she was stood down from the school in November last year, when the allegations first emerged.

"I can't stop thinking about us," she told him.

A second pupil, Student B, began a sexual relationship with Ms Hendriks after she gave him a number of lifts home from school and took him into her drama room to "talk about 'us"', the decision says.

She took him home up to 15 times, and they had sex in the back of her car four times, it was claimed.

Ms Hendriks also sent Student B text messages, including one in which she encouraged him to lie to his mother so he could get out of the house and meet up with her.

Both boys, reportedly aged 17 at the time, "suffered immense stress and potential for ridicule from their friends", the Teacher's Council said.

The disciplinary tribunal said her actions amounted to serious misconduct, and referred her to the police. Following an investigation the police said they would not prosecute Ms Hendriks.

The council's decision said Ms Hendriks "accepts the particulars" of the charge and that her actions amounted to serious misconduct.


It ordered her to be censured, her teacher's registration cancelled, and to pay costs of almost $2000.