An Auckland teen has been accused of leaving a hair salon with extra locks - and not paying for the nearly $800 service.

The girl, believed to be about 16, received human hair extensions from Loxy's on Ponsonby Rd earlier this month and did not pay for the $770 service after making elaborate excuses to escape the charges. After three hours in the chair, and a further two-and-a-half hours sitting in the store avoiding payment, Loxy's owner Kate Jarrett said she had no choice but to let the teen leave.

Mrs Jarrett said the teen came into the salon upset on April 9 and told staff she had been to another business, that day where the first stages of her hair extensions were completed but staff there were unable to finish the job when they ran out of the right coloured hair.

"We ... wanted to do everything we could to fix it for her," said Mrs Jarrett. "We told her to come in the next day and ... made her sign a consultation form saying how much everything would cost and when it came to her paying her card declined."


"She said, 'My mum was supposed to transfer the money, I'll call her.' She didn't have a phone on her, which is when we started to get suspicious, she said she couldn't get hold of her mother.

" ... we just couldn't really do anything else short of trusting her to come back and pay or yanking the things out of her head."

Mrs Jarrett said the girl promised to return to pay the next day. She has yet to make contact and calls and messages have not been returned.

A police spokeswoman said because staff had let the woman leave the premises and had her contact details, it was advised to pursue the matter through civil courts.

University of Auckland law professor Bill Hodge said Mrs Jarrett could pursue the debt through civil court.